December 4, 2021

Windscribe vs TunnelBear

Windscribe vs TunnelBear

In this article, we will analyze the two giants in the encryption and proxy server industry and identify all the weak and strong points of windscribe vs tunnelbear. They are not inferior to each other in many aspects and are constantly improving to please their customers. But who does it better? Learn more about that below.

Windscribe vs Tunnelbear: comparing prices

Both servers are not inferior to each other in terms of pricing and it can be very difficult to say which is better: windscribe vs tunnelbear in terms of money. Both provide a price of $5 per month if you decide to take out an annual subscription to their services. Both providers provide a free trial for an entire month, but if you dig deeper, WindScribe offers a better monthly limit:
• free service for a month with a 10 GB limit
• If you want a monthly subscription you have to pay $9 per month
• If you want a one-year subscription you pay only $4.99/month
In contrast, we will show you an example of TunnelBear’s pricing:
• The company provides a free one month trial with a traffic limit of 500 MB
• Paying for each month will cost you almost $10
• You will pay half as much, $4.99 per month, for a one-year subscription

WindScribe features

WindScribe differs significantly from its competitors in some features. If we’re talking about the free version of the application, it functions perfectly and does not block some features for free users, as many do to agitate people to subscribe. Also, users of the free version can interact with P2P and BitTorrent without any restrictions, but you will only have access to 11 servers.
And the last important point is that the free version of this application can function on any device, the developers do not track your mail to check if you are exactly using only one free version of the application.
Of course, the paid version can give you advanced features. The main features of the paid version are:
• Heavy encryption of your data, which are also used to protect banks and military organizations
• The special firewall that stops traffic like an emergency stop switch
• Extended browser features
• Now you can use an Internet connection with precise access at the same time

TunnelBear features

TunnelBear, although inexpensive to use, can still offer useful features. It offers connectivity to five devices simultaneously and has been targeted at the average user so its interface is incredibly simple and user-friendly. The developers also used serious data encryption and OpenVPN connections are available, but it has a narrow range of servers, only 20.
On the whole, we are sure that the application will still surprise us with its updates, but right now it is inferior to its competitor WindScribe in many ways.