All GTA Firewall UTM Appliances are powered by GB-OS, “the original cost effective Internet firewall system”. GB-OS is a totally self-contained solution that integrates an operating system with innovative hybrid UTM firewall technology into a single high performance, compact system. GB-Ware Software Firewall UTM system offers a choice of installation options from Intel based hardware to Virtual Machine (VM) hosts, further expanding the flexible implementation choices for GB-OS based firewall UTM systems.

GB-OS’ numerous features and configuration settings are consistent across GTA’s entire product line and with automatic updates, GB-OS is assured to always be running the latest version. GTA Firewall UTM Appliances are easily kept up-to-date, protecting networks from the latest Internet-based attacks with up-to-the-minute features and enhancements.

GB-OS prevents unauthorized access from un-trusted networks by completely hiding your internal network and providing transparent network access to end users. The system utilizes stateful packet inspection and advanced routing features with a powerful network address translation system. Unlike some firewall systems, GB-OS provides the user with complete transparent network access to external and private service networks for IP protocols (e.g., TCP, UDP and ICMP) based applications. In addition, GB-OS supports Dynamic Gateway Architecture with WAN failover, along with advanced routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP, and RIP. Remote access is also provided with the Mobile IPSec VPN Client, PPTP, L2TP and the GTA SSL Browser and SSL Client. Easy installation and setup provide users with reliable network access via laptop or mobile device, including iPhones and Android-powered devices.

Powerful unified threat management features include an Intrusion Prevention System(IPS), Mail Proxy with anti-spam and anti-virus options and Content Filtering that can be expanded to filter based on website content with optional Web Filtering. Using GB-OS’ robust unified threat management features, administrators can effectively lock down their network while protecting resources from dynamic threats.

GB-OS is managed from an easy-to-use, GUI interface and is supplied on all GTA Firewall UTM Appliances and GB-Ware Software Firewall UTM systems. GTA firewall UTM systems operating GB-OS are the ideal solution for organizations of all sizes. Low cost and wide variety of standard features makes the GTA Firewall UTM Appliance family the price/performance market leader. GB-OS reduces the complexity of maintaining firewall security while continuing to provide a wide array of powerful, customizable configuration options.

GB-OS is included with the following GTA products:

Gigabit Firewall UTM Appliances
The GB-2500, GB-2100, GB-850 are GTA’s largest and fastest appliances delivering true Gigabit throughput. The GB-2500 is designed for large enterprises with extensive network demands, while the GB-2100 and GB-850 are ideal for mid-size and smaller organizations. The GB-850 includes hardware VPN acceleration.

RoBoX (Remote office/Branch Office)Family
The GB-300 Firewall UTM Appliance is designed for remote or branch offices needing 50 or fewer concurrent user licenses and optional features like Mail Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam and the Web Filtering option.

GTA Software Firewall
GB-Ware Software Firewall features GB-OS provided on a CD, to be installed on hardware of the customer’s choosing – Intel based hardware or Virtual Machine (VM) hosts. GB-Ware supports up to 20 NICs including Gigabit Ethernet.

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GB-OS is a complete software solution that is simple to install, configure and operate. GB-Ware, GTA’s software based firewall product, can be installed and configured in a matter of minutes. GTA’s Firewall UTM Appliance based products are even simpler to install, just apply power and configure. You don’t have to be a UNIX guru or a Windows expert, because there are no drivers to install, no complex operating system to configure and no hard disk drive. No disk crashes. No need for tape backups. The easy-to-use Web interface means you can easily administer GB-OS from your favorite environment, be it Windows, Macintosh or UNIX. Just point and click.


GB-OS, the powerful core of GTA’s Firewall UTM systems, is a high performance system that offers multiple levels of threat management. GTA Firewall UTM Appliances come standard with features such as Dynamic Gateway Architecture, load balancing, advanced routing, VLAN support, traffic shaping and more. Optional, subscription-based features include Web Filtering and Mail Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection. GB-OS’ foundation is solid engineering that allows users to choose between easy-to-use default configurations or the advanced fine-tuning of most features and options. With the power to adapt firewall features to your specific network implementation, you have the flexibility generally found only in high-end software firewalls. From multiple gateways featuring gateway failover to Virtual Machine (VM) support, GTA takes pride in our secure, flexible implementation of customizable features and options.


GB-OS is the most cost-effective firewall system software on the market today. Its low price coupled with a full feature set and flexible customization options make it a clear winner. Moreover, with GB-OS you eliminate the need for expensive administration overhead. GTA’s entire line of firewall products uses the same powerful GB-OS, meaning configuration options for a GB-300 and a GB-2500 are identical. You can easily implement GTA Firewall UTM Systems with little to no learning curve in both corporate and branch offices. No other firewall UTM product comes close to delivering the price to performance ratio provided by GB-OS. Network security can be costly; your Internet firewall security solution doesn’t have to be!