July 31, 2021

GTA SSL Client Mobile SSL VPN’s

In recent years, remote and mobile workers have become commonplace across the globe. More and more, organizations are needing to provide network access for telecommuters, road warriors and business partners. Thus, secure remote access via Virtual Private Network has become an essential requirement in today’s business environment. GTA’s Mobile SSL VPN is a protected VPN running on Secure Socket Layer technology, accessible via a Web browser or an independent client – the SSL Browser and SSL Client. GTA SSL is flexible, permitting authorized users to establish safe and secure remote access sessions from virtually any location and device. GTA’s SSL VPN Offers these features: <!– Bulleted lists don’t respond well to wrapping around a table so I put it in it’s own table. –!>

Seamless Firewall Integration Granular Network Access and Authorization Clientless Access for Browser Customized Browser Two SSL Sentinel Client licenses standard Mobile Support Easy to Use Cost Effective