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Software Firewall UTM System GTA’s most flexible product offering – a total gateway perimeter solution that can be installed on hardware of your choosing. The Software Unified Threat Management Alternative With the operating system integrated in the GB-Ware firewall UTM software, the security risks normally inherent in operating systems are eliminated. Installation and configuration are … Continue reading GB-Ware


The GB-300 Firewall UTM Appliance is an entry level firewall for small business in GTA’s RoBoX family with support for GTA’s Mail Proxy with optional Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus add-on features, offering more power and flexibility than comparable appliances. Available in a 25 or 50 concurrent outbound user versions, the GB-300 is designed for small business … Continue reading GB-300


The GB-850 Gigabit Firewall UTM Appliance Specifically designed for smaller offices, the GB-850 Firewall UTM Appliance provides gigabit performance with all the features and tools available in larger appliances, but in a space-saving desktop unit and with a budget-friendly cost. The GB-850 combines comprehensive firewall and unified threat management features into a single, dedicated appliance … Continue reading GB-850


The GB-2100 Gigabit Firewall UTM Appliance provides powerful, comprehensive protection and network reliability for organizations of all sizes. The GB-2100 Firewall UTM Appliance is designed for organizations that desire a single, dedicated firewall appliance to handle complex network environments and protect their businesses from outside exploits. The GB-2100 comes standard with powerful unified threat management … Continue reading GB-2100


The GB-2500 Gigabit Firewall UTM Appliance is one of GTA’s most capable firewall UTM appliances. Designed for businesses with substantial network demands, the GB-2500 features a powerful Intel Dual-Core processor, two gigabytes of RAM and four gigabytes of static memory. The GB-2500 easily handles intensive, resource-demanding network configurations, without affecting network performance. GTA?s Dynamic Gateway … Continue reading GB-2500