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GTA SSL Client Mobile SSL VPN’s

In recent years, remote and mobile workers have become commonplace across the globe. More and more, organizations are needing to provide network access for telecommuters, road warriors and business partners. Thus, secure remote access via Virtual Private Network has become an essential requirement in today’s business environment. GTA’s Mobile SSL VPN is a protected VPN … Continue reading GTA SSL Client Mobile SSL VPN’s

IPSec VPN Mobile and Remote IPSec VPN’s

GTA Mobile IPSec VPN Client for Mobile and Remote Virtual Private Networks GTA Mobile IPSecClient provides the vital ability for remote users to initiate VPN communications with corporate resources. Using VPNs, “road warriors” or telecommuters can safely access corporate networks from unsecured public networks or un-trusted local networks. A VPN Connection can also be used … Continue reading IPSec VPN Mobile and Remote IPSec VPN’s

Mail Proxy Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Mail Proxy Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Business success depends on electronic communications which rely on your network connections. Spam and computer virus attacks can cripple your network resulting in lost productivity, corrupted data, leaks of confidential data, and missed business opportunities due to lost or delayed email communications. GTA’s Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solutions allow you to … Continue reading Mail Proxy Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus