July 31, 2021

How to Buy a Reliable Antivirus for PC

How to Buy a Reliable Antivirus for PC - Post Thumbnail

Free antiviruses are a good and easy way to protect your computer at no extra cost. But did you know that not all virtual threats are within the power of free solutions? Developers of truly reliable anti-virus software invest a lot of resources in their products and therefore quality often costs money. And to help you understand what solutions deserve this, we have prepared for you a brief review of the best paid antivirus software.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019

Many users of free software know this product, and how effective against malware is it. But just imagine how effective the Romanian antivirus is against more advanced viruses.

The Bitdefender engine is the most accurate and reliable and is popular with the most famous independent experts. Also, this antivirus has some features:

  • password manager
  • simple interface
  • internet protection
  • well-developed anti-phishing module

But there are some disadvantages to this program. It requires a lot of system resources and may conflict with some other applications. But Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is still a worthy choice.

Norton Antivirus Plus

This product was introduced in the United States at the end of April 2019 as a replacement for Norton AntiVirus Basic. The Plus version has added several additional features, more details about which can be found below. Updated Norton will please you with this:

  • 2 GB cloud backup
  • password manager
  • convenient link blocker
  • the smart process monitoring system

The main functions of Norton AntiVirus Plus provide work in all areas declared by the developers: it is easy to use and performs well in laboratories.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus

SecureAnywhere AntiVirus has many strengths, and the 70-day period when the user returns his/her money in case of lack of effectiveness of the program indicates that the company is confident in its product.

The pros of this program include:

  • quick download and installation
  • minimum resource consumption
  • real-time antiphishing and firewall
  • enhanced protection against ransomware

It’s a great alternative against complex and heavy antiviruses, pay attention to Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

This solution is one of the best paid antivirus software to date. ESET shows impressive results in the fight against virtual threats, including rootkits, ransomware, or any other malware.

A feature of this solution is not only progressive protection but also several other features:

  • Device management module.
  • UEFI Scanner, which protects the PC from threats that attack it before Windows starts.
  • filtering links and blocking malicious sites.

All this more than compensates for the lack of common anti-virus functions, like a screen lock or password manager.

Experienced users will especially appreciate this antivirus for its excellent functionality and useful options.

And these were only the four main antiviruses with a paid license. You can also discover no less excellent products like Trend Micro Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Panda Dome Essential. In general, the modern IT market offers a large selection of thoughtful protection against all known viruses.

Nevertheless, remember that even the best paid antivirus software will not be able to protect against all virtual threats in the world, therefore we advise you not only to buy an antivirus but also use your PC with caution.