September 19, 2021

Atlantic Plumbing Reviews of 2020

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Are you looking for a rental in Washington? You should probably consider Atlantic Plumbing. This can become a convenient solution for those who need to rent a 1- or 2-bedroom apartment. It also offers some huge penthouses.

Many people know that Atlantic Plumbing offers luxury apartments in the popular region. While the ads seem appealing, some people wonder how good they really are. Let’s take a quick look at the property as well as what people think about it.

What is Atlantic Plumbing?

Atlantic plumbing is the new addition to the most artistic outpost in Washington, DC. It is located at the intersection of 8th and V Streets. Consequently, the house if in the heart of the popular North End of Shaw. This neighborhood is very popular as a cultural center. It has lots of entertainment and residential areas.

There are 310 unit rentals in the building. The latter occupies about 290 000 sq. ft. In real life, the apartments seem fine and convenient. The luxury aspect is doubtful.

Atlantic plumbing reviews

There are mixed reviews about the property. Some residents are absolutely in love with the place. They praise the attention to details and excellent consistency. These residents leave positive reviews with plenty of compliments to management.

Others have completely the opposite feelings. They state that the place is horrible and the amenities are poor. Using the 10-point scale, the rating is the following:

  • Location – 9.0
  • Amenities – 9.7
  • Management – 8.5
  • Value – 7.2
  • Social – 9.0
  • Safety – 9.3

As you see, the apartments and services are good but somewhat overpriced. That’s why you should either be ready to pay more or look for an alternative. Mind that prices start at $1.885 for a 1-bedroom apartment with a bath and $3.350+ for 2-bedroom apartments with 2 baths.

While it’s natural for people to complain all the time, the question of the pricing policy is personal. Some find it reasonably priced and realize that the amenities are better, too. Others prefer to spend less.

The peculiarities one has to know beforehand

Atlantic plumbing is cat & dog friendly. It has a fitness center, a rooftop deck, a swimming pool, and a resident lounge. What’s more, residents can expect:

  • Granite countertops;
  • Hardwood floors;
  • Oversized penthouses;
  • Private balconies;
  • Stainless steel appliances.

The location of the building makes it convenient to get to Trader Joe’s which is a 10-minute drive away. One can find plenty of restaurants and bard nearby.

The bottom line

Atlantic Plumbing is a beautiful building with a great location and amenities. Based on the numerous reviews, the neighbors are generally polite and respectful. Many residents think high of the quality of the services and apartments. Others have a less positive experience and find it overpriced. The only way to know for sure is to come and check it out. This way you’ll be able to assess the efficiency of the staff and the quality of services for yourself. Yet, remember that the price is partially higher due to the building’s location.