July 31, 2021

Web Filtering Content Filtering

GTA’s Web Content Filtering

The Sales Manager is reviewing revenue numbers of the competition, the Marketing Rep is reviewing the number of recent debit transactions on his banking account; and the Warehouse Team is checking out a “cute little number” on an Internet webcam site. Do you know how much Internet access is really costing your company?

GTA Firewalls include powerful Content Filtering to assist organizations with managing their acceptable use policies. Most organizations see increased productivity along with reduced risk of legal and privacy issues with the implementation of Internet content filtering.

  • Control access by categories of web sites via Web Filtering subscription service for web content filtering
  • URL filtering with local trusted and denied URLs lists
  • Implement access policies by user, group and/or IP address
  • Java and Active X blocking
  • Over 100 million URLs categorized into over 70 content categories
  • Time based polices for additional customization