January 22, 2022

How to Find the Best Dog Feeder

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An auto-feeder is a design that includes several containers and a mechanism that allows feeding animal feed in batches.

Some models have timers that can be programmed for a specific time, after which the animal will be given food. There is even the best all in one pet feeder station.

Important! If you have a large dog, in addition to the feeder, you should also buy a stand so that it is convenient for the pet to eat and there is no load on the spine. Depending on the type of feeder, containers of different sizes are installed in it. Some of them are designed specifically for dry food, while others look like a bowl with a lid.

The power source of such devices is batteries. The cost of feeders depends on the degree of complexity of the program, the availability of a display and the price policy of the manufacturer of the goods.

When may be required

The car feeder is a unique find for the owners since with it you can not worry that your pet will remain hungry. It is useful in such cases: you need to leave for a few days; you can forget to feed the pet; if necessary, give the dog food fractionally, by the hour; if the dog needs a metered dose of medication on time.

Principle of operation

Most store models have a special sensor, which is necessary in order to track the amount of feed in a bowl. But with this mechanism, the capacity will be constantly replenished, and the animal can overeat.

This can be dangerous, especially if your pet has a good appetite and is having difficulty stopping. Therefore, car feeders with a built-in timer are more popular. Usually, it is activated only several times a day and gives the pet the necessary dose of food.

The owner can adjust the volume himself, as the amount of food depends on the size of the pet and breed. The main feature of this design is that the feed will not deteriorate. All dog breeders know that even dry food should not be stored outside the package, as it can dry quickly. If you use automatic feeders, the food will remain fresh.

How to choose

When choosing a feeder, you need to build on many factors. First of all, you need to decide how much money you are willing to spend on this device.

When choosing, it is worth considering such moments:

  • size and breed of the pet;
  • the number of meals per day;
  • the amount of food eaten at a time; for what period do you plan to leave the feeder alone with the dog (as far as you plan to leave the house).

If you are the owner of a large breed dog, then you should pay attention to the design with large bowls and a large loading container, so that more feed is placed in it. If you have a small dog, you can buy a small bowl, divided into segments or a feeder with a dispenser, a reclining lid.

Also on sale, there are separate copies that can make a special sound or a message pre-recorded by your voice inviting the dog to eat. Such devices have one more advantage – the dog will not feel alone, even if the owner is not nearby.

Did you know? A uniform diet for a dog is much better than a frequent change of diet since the animal’s digestive system gets used to the same food and it will be easier to process and absorb it.

A dog feeder is a very convenient design that owners who are often on a trip should have. Thanks to her, your pet will always be fed and you do not have to worry about his health.