July 31, 2021


The GB-2500 Gigabit Firewall UTM Appliance is one of GTA’s most capable firewall UTM appliances. Designed for businesses with substantial network demands, the GB-2500 features a powerful Intel Dual-Core processor, two gigabytes of RAM and four gigabytes of static memory. The GB-2500 easily handles intensive, resource-demanding network configurations, without affecting network performance. GTA?s Dynamic Gateway Architecture includes multi-WAN failover, load sharing, policy based traffic management and dynamic routing. Powerful threat management features and flexible implementation options mean the GB-2500 provides total perimeter security in a powerful, easy to use package.

Powered by GB-OS, the GB-2500 Firewall UTM Appliance provides total network security in a single unit. Features include:

Unrestricted concurrent outbound users 512,000 concurrent sessions True Gigabit Performance Powerful Routing Management Expandable H2A – High Availability option Mobile Remote Access via IPSec, SSL, PPTP & L2TP Unified threat management features include IPS, GTA’s Mail Proxy with optional Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus, and a Web Content Filtering service.